No Two Alike

Founded in 1849, in the 21st century we are still the only automotive atelier in the world that produces more than 30 unique pieces per year regularly approved for all countries in the world.
Many have tried to imitate us, copying our site, our products, our atelier: nobody has succeeded yet.
160 years of history, the best professionalism, great craftsmanship are not improvised: today as in the past we pride ourselves on having a small internal school where we pass on all our past for a future of excellence.
We invite you to make an appointment in our showroom in Milan to imagine and realize the car of your dreams.

Three ways to dream

and one to indulge in a few extras

In the Thirties, one of the mottos that constantly appeared on Castagna's advertising pages was "No two alike!". Even today, the same rule applies to the three different methods with which we propose the customer to approach a customization project. Light Tuning, Coachbuilding and One-Off perfectly reflect our design and construction philosophy. Our Passion Kits are small discoveries, "indispensable" accessories with which to enrich your Castagna and other vehicles: small inventions to transform any internal combustion engine into an ecological hybrid, to improve performance at low revs by means of a compressor, to refrigerate your favorite elixir to the right point. Ask us to invent: we enjoy it.

Light Tuning

Light Tuning is the name we have given to those achievements that do not change the appearance of the the car and where our work focuses on the colors and exterior details and for the interior materials and design of the interior.


Coachbuilding is an intervention with which the original design of the exterior is modified to have a different type of vehicle: from a Coupé we obtain a Shooting Break, from a Sedan a Station Wagon, from a sports car a Barchetta or a Cabriolet.


Our One-Offs are for those who don't accept half measures but want something completely new and different, definitely what they are looking for. You choose an engine and a chassis from which to start and everything else is designed and built: just as happened in the best moments of Italian coachbuilding art.
In any case: don't stop dreaming!