3D digital product

In 1928 our company was defined by a journalist visiting the headquarters in Via Montevideo as "The Dream Factory".
Dream Factory is the state of the art of the construction process, it is being able to create products be understood without any explanation.
Today, stores must be recognized for what they produce, not what they say. Our C_factory consists of extremely versatile digital units that allow our designers to express their potential in completely new projects and products of the highest quality. Intelligence wins in this place and the real investment is in capable men.


Customized products on demand

Imagine opening an APP and being able to choose between various types of prefigured products
Choose one
Let's start with the most complex: a car
Have fun configuring it by choosing its use and type
Choose colors and materials: soft fabric body or hard pearly metal body?
Don't you find how much it satisfies you? Create your own materials, textures, and color mixes.
Welcome to the era of C_Product: Digital technologies in the hands of the most skilled Italian craftsmen coordinated by Maestro. Exactly as was the case when building what we live in today: our history, our culture, our cities, our art masterpieces our way of designing, our way of thinking
You are the center of it all, in a system that finally allows you to participate


It is a 3-seater electric car closed and open dedicated to tourist car-sharing
In just 40 minutes, less if you're a skilled mechanic, a little more if you don't know how to hang a picture, you can build a real car without even an instruction booklet.
An automobile whose components do not have to be "depreciated" of the costs of the equipment that produced them.
A car made from a few materials or made from purpose-built materials that can always be replicated in minutes.
A zero emission car with more than 200 km of autonomy
A car that in 3 meters offers 3 comfortable seats and 2 luggage compartments.
A car that on sunny days leaves the roof at home, in cities or beautiful places becomes transparent to look out without compromise, able to change its appearance following your mood or the events that matter.
Not just personalized, no longer just a purchase a story to live and tell.


Eco-friendly high efficiency electric lagoon boat


3D Printing Service


A school to understand, a super course to learn how to work