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Today everyone talks about custom-made products or unique pieces: we've been doing it with unchanged passion for 160 years. For us, following the wishes of the customer is not a "fashion of the moment" but has always been a rule. We have completely rethought the process that leads from concept to finished product, creating a system that puts the client at the center of the project, making him free to make and refine every choice and detail down to the last detail. We have equipped ourselves with the most sophisticated tools to be able to give maximum concreteness to the project that must support the creative idea from the very beginning.

About Us

When desire becomes reality

Every outlier is an idea. Coupé, Cabriolet, Limousine, Exotic? Top speed, acceleration from 0 to 100, braking distance, CX, weight, seats? Preferred brand, reference myth, 8, 12 or 16 cylinder? Custom-designed carbon frame or segment-leading platform? Many questions and many possible answers: many design hypotheses but only one will be chosen to best meet your needs. At first it is only in the heart of the person who wants it, in the mind of the designer who listens, after a few meetings it becomes a virtual graphic form, then a 3D movie projected on a real scale to talk about the details, materials and colors. After some time you will be called to judge what will suddenly appear in the center of the presentation room: smooth surfaces, shapes ready to be caressed, what was immaterial dream has become reality.